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Teeth Braces Los Angeles

Teeth Braces Los AngelesBraces seem ubiquitous among teenagers, although oftentimes, adults require braces treatment as well. The process of braces selection can be intimidating, as there are several types available from which to choose. Our expert in teeth braces in Los Angeles can help guide you through the process from start to finish. Read on to find out more about types of orthodontic braces available.

These are the most common and easily recognizable type of braces. They consist of metallic brackets fixed to the front of teeth. A wire running across the teeth is held in place by these bonded brackets and tiny elastic bands. Metal braces are the most inexpensive type of braces, so they are often a good decision for patients on a tight budget. Our Los Angeles teeth braces expert can provide more information on metal braces, including their cost and treatment plan.

Los Angeles Teeth Braces

Ceramic braces, unlike metal braces, blend in with the teeth, providing a more natural, less noticeable look. Choosing clear or white elastic ties to hold them in place makes these braces even less noticeable in the mouth. Ceramic braces are more fragile than metal, requiring our Los Angeles teeth braces expert take a longer time to install them.

If you want the stability of traditional metal braces without the overtness, lingual braces might be just the thing for you. With these braces, metal brackets are affixed to the backs of teeth, and a thin wire holds them in place. Lingual braces installation requires the attention of an especially skilled orthodontist. If you are interested in lingual braces, call our Los Angeles orthodontist to inquire about our available lingual braces treatment plans.

The most expensive type of braces, clear braces offer supreme comfort and durability, making them a worthwhile investment. They involve custom-fitted smooth plastic aligners created from a 3D mold of your teeth. There are no wires or rubber bands involved with this treatment. Because they are nearly invisible when worn, many patients find clear braces all the more appealing.

Whatever your braces needs, our expert in teeth braces in Los Angeles can assist you.


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