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Orthodontist Los Angeles

Orthodontist Los AngelesPatients who visit our Los Angeles orthodontist can choose from a variety of treatments to improve their appearance and oral health. Our orthodontist tailors treatment to individuals, ensuring that their results meet their needs according to their age, as well as the types and severity of their bite irregularities. Metal braces and Invisalign are equally effective for most types of malocclusion.

According to our orthodontist in Los Angeles, orthodontic treatment serves patients with improved health, as well as more attractive smiles. Everything from resistance to decay, to the ability to break down food sufficiently, is dependent on having teeth that are rotated and spaced correctly. After orthodontic treatment is complete, patients are less likely to suffer from cavities, periodontitis and tooth loss throughout life. When orthodontic treatment is pursued during childhood, development of the teeth and jaws is also more likely to progress as it should.

Los Angeles Orthodontist

Modern patients can choose from a variety of treatments for correcting abnormalities of the teeth and jaws. While metal braces are still available and effective, Invisalign is often preferred by patients who want discreet correction that fits into a busy lifestyle. In addition, comfort and oral health are better supported by Invisalign compared to metal braces. Because Invisalign treatment can only be used for patients whose jaws have finished developing, however, most patients younger than 18 will need to use metal braces. No matter which option patients choose, time from beginning of treatment to completion can vary significantly. Correction takes an average of 10 months with both metal braces and Invisalign from our orthodontist in Los Angeles, but differences in severity and types of malocclusion can cause treatment time to be longer or shorter.

Our Los Angeles orthodontist says that the options available to modern patients let them choose a treatment that fits their goals and lifestyle. In cases where appearance is a priority during treatment, Invisalign is often preferred because the aligners are virtually invisible when worn. Whether patients choose metal braces or Invisalign, they can count on receiving positive changes to their oral functionality that can improve their quality of life, as well as their health. To find out which orthodontic options are available for different types of malocclusions and determine candidacy, patients can schedule a consultation with our orthodontist.


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