Invisible Braces

Invisible BracesInvisible braces from our orthodontist in Los Angeles give patients the same lifelong benefits offered by metal braces while avoiding several of their disadvantages. For many patients, the most important benefit of invisible braces is their aesthetic benefits, which let patients keep the same appearance during treatment. Other benefits of invisible braces relate to greater comfort, convenience and oral health.

Invisible braces from our Los Angeles invisible braces expert are clear and have none of the metal components that leave many patients with metal braces embarrassed to smile. In the workplace or at school, this lets patients continue to interact effectively and enjoy their time with friends and co-workers. Food accumulation is never an issue with invisible braces, breakage is far less likely than with metal braces and patients can continue to brush and floss easily after simply removing their aligners.

Invisible Braces Los Angeles

Patients who visit our expert in invisible braces in Los Angeles often finish treatment in less than a year. During the treatment period, patients completely avoid the painful wire tightening that is necessary with metal braces. Instead, patients only visit our dentist for progress monitoring and replacement of their aligners.

Modern invisible braces can correct virtually all common bite irregularities, and most healthy adults and older adolescents can receive this treatment. When certain types of bite irregularities are present, our Los Angeles invisible braces expert may recommend a combined approach that uses invisible braces alongside other orthodontic treatments.

Patients who want to avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience of metal braces can visit our expert in invisible braces in Los Angeles for a consultation to determine their eligibility and explore treatment options. After correction is complete, patients have greater protection against tooth decay, gum disease and TMJ. For many patients, however, these benefits are only secondary to their increased self-confidence from having a smile that looks simply amazing.




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