Invisalign Teen

Invisalign TeenInvisalign Teen makes invisible orthodontic correction an option for teenagers. While the standard Invisalign system is designed for use by adults, the Teen product has a number of special features that make it ideal for adolescents between the ages of 13 and 19. Here is more about the advantages of Invisalign Teen and information on who may be a candidate to receive the treatment from our expert in Invisalign Teen in Los Angeles.

Invisalign teen includes all the advantages of standard Invisalign and a number of other features. These new features include the addition of compliance indicators, which tell our Los Angeles Invisalign Teen expert how much the aligners are being worn, and design adjustments that account for continuing growth during treatment. Invisalign Teen also includes six free replacement aligners so patients do not have to worry about breaking or losing them.

Invisalign Teen Los Angeles

Patients begin Invisalign Teen treatment by consulting with our expert in Invisalign Teen in Los Angeles. Our dentist uses photos, X-rays and dental impressions to aid in designing the treatment plan and aligners. While their teeth are being corrected, patients wear the smooth plastic aligners for at least 22 hours per day. In total, Invisalign Teen treatment takes about the same amount of time as metal braces.

Most healthy teen patients qualify for Invisalign Teen, which can correct almost all common types of bite irregularities. However, a consultation with our Los Angeles Invisalign Teen expert is necessary for every patient. In certain cases, our dentist may recommend the use of Invisalign Teen alongside other orthodontics to produce the best results.

Teenagers do not have to suffer with the aesthetic and functional problems caused by crooked teeth. With Invisalign Teen, they can have their teeth straightened discreetly for lifelong benefits. Parents can learn more about Invisalign Teen and find out if their children qualify by scheduling a consultation with our Los Angeles orthodontist.




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