Invisalign Retainer

Invisalign RetainerThe Invisalign retainer is worn by patients after correction is complete in order to preserve their results for life. Although the retainer is similar to the standard aligners, it is thicker for greater durability during long-term use. The amount of time for which the retainer must be worn depends on the degree and types of bite irregularities involved. For all patients, our Los Angeles Invisalign retainer expert explains the length of time for which they must wear their retainer for the best long-term results.

The Invisalign retainer is similar to those used after treatment with metal braces. Clear and made of plastic, it essentially holds the teeth in their newly corrected positions to prevent them from drifting back to their former positions. In some cases, patients may only have to wear the retainer for a few months after finishing Invisalign treatment. Other patients should wear their retainer every night for life to prevent bite irregularities from re-occurring. Our expert in Invisalign retainer in Los Angeles provides patients with cleaning and storage instructions, which may call for daily brushing and rinsing to prevent accumulation of minerals and bacteria.

Invisalign Retainer Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles Invisalign retainer expert consults with all patients to determine whether they can receive this treatment. While many adults are candidates, most patients younger than 18 are ineligible because their jaws have not yet finished developing. Treatment plans are created on an individual basis by our dentist using dental impressions, X-rays and computer images.

Invisalign offers the same lifelong aesthetic and functional improvements given by metal braces and other alternatives from our expert in Invisalign retainer in Los Angeles. Also like other orthodontics, Invisalign requires the use of a retainer afterwards to help keep the teeth in their new positions. Patients can schedule a consultation with our orthodontist in Los Angeles to discuss their options and candidacy and learn more about the Invisalign retainer.


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