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Invisalign Doctor Los Angeles

Invisalign Doctor Los AngelesOur Los Angeles Invisalign doctor gives patients the lifelong benefits of properly positioned teeth without the problems associated with metal braces. Unlike metal braces, Invisalign is nearly invisible thanks to clear aligners that are worn over the teeth. Invisalign is now able to correct almost all of the bite irregularities corrected by metal braces, and it often accomplishes this in less than a year for adult patients. Here is more about Invisalign, its benefits and who can receive it.

Patients who visit our Invisalign doctor in Los Angeles often seek Invisalign for its ability to correct their teeth discreetly. However, Invisalign offers several other benefits to orthodontic patients. For example, its clear aligners are smooth, preventing the abrasion that can be caused by the brackets on metal braces. Freed from brackets, Invisalign patients have an easier time eating and speaking and are less likely to be faced with costly orthodontic appliance damage. Oral health is also supported by Invisalign aligners, which are removed before eating, brushing and flossing.

Los Angeles Invisalign Doctor

Patients who want to receive Invisalign treatment with our doctor must have fully developed jaws to meet Invisalign requirements. Additionally, patients should be free of oral health problems and should not have any impending restorative dental treatment. Ultimately, all patients are required to meet with our Invisalign doctor in Los Angeles to find out whether they can receive this treatment at our office.

Teeth corrected by our orthodontist in Los Angeles look, feel and perform better for life. While enhanced confidence and appearance are important, the increased resistance against tooth decay, periodontal disease and TMJ offered by Invisalign should also be acknowledged. Patients can learn more about Invisalign benefits and determine its value for their own teeth by scheduling a consultation with our Los Angeles Invisalign doctor.

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