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Invisalign Cost

Invisalign CostPatients who are considering Invisalign for discreet correction of their bite irregularities will find plenty of benefits to balance our Los Angeles Invisalign cost. In addition to preserving looks during treatment, Invisalign aligners offer comfort and convenience in the short term and numerous health improvements for a lifetime. With features like these, getting Invisalign treatment can be considered a smart investment for greater life quality and performance.

Patients who visit our dentist for orthodontic treatment are often most interested in the virtual invisibility offered by Invisalign. Although this feature is valuable, Invisalign actually gives patients several other features that they would not get from metal braces. For example, the lack of brackets and wires improves comfort, eliminates the need for painful wire tightening and supports good oral health. Thanks to durable, BPA-free plastic construction and removability, our Invisalign cost in Los Angeles is also simple to budget for because risks of damage are low. In addition to taking less time than metal braces for many patients, Invisalign only requires simple appointments for monitoring progress and delivering new aligners.

The standard Invisalign treatment is available only to adults and some older adolescents whose jaws have finished developing. Ideally, patients should also have healthy teeth and gums and should not have any upcoming major dental treatment scheduled. Modern Invisalign is capable of correcting nearly all common bite irregularities on its own, but our Los Angeles orthodontist may also advise the use of other treatments alongside Invisalign to address all orthodontic issues completely.

Los Angeles Invisalign cost covers the entire treatment period, which ranges from less than one year for most patients to as long as two years for some individuals. To learn more about what is included in our total Invisalign cost in Los Angeles, patients can schedule a consultation with our dentist.


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