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Incognito BracesMany individuals associate wearing braces with awkward teenage years and feeling embarrassed because everyone is aware of the fact that you are wearing braces. With the development of Incognito braces, there is no longer a need to be shy or embarrassed about straightening your teeth, as most people will have no idea you are even wearing braces. Our expert in Incognito braces in Los Angeles can provide you with further information regarding these high-tech braces, but for now, here are some of the highlights.

Each set of Incognito braces is built to meet your individual needs and qualifications. Traditional braces tend to be manufactured and distributed in mass quantities, so the braces you end up wearing might not have the best fit. Incognito braces are engineered to fit the shape of your specific mouth. This allows for optimum comfort throughout the treatment process. Fittings and consultations with our Los Angeles Incognito braces expert tend to take less time than treatment with traditional braces. With Incognito braces, individual brackets are fitted to individual teeth, further customizing your teeth-straightening experience.

Incognito Braces Los Angeles

Before your Incognito braces are formed, our orthodontist in Los Angeles sends an impression of your teeth to the 3M lab. There technicians use the latest technology, including 3D printing, to specially craft your Incognito braces. Gold-casted brackets are cut with precision to best fit your teeth and mouth. The gold brackets are smoothed so they deliver maximum comfort to wearers, and will not bother those allergic to Nickel. Our Los Angeles Incognito braces expert can answer any questions you have regarding the process of building your Incognito braces.

If our orthodontist determines you do not require full straightening of your upper or lower arcs, Incognito crafts braces called Incognito Lite Hidden Braces, designed to straighten only the center six teeth on the top and bottom of the mouth. These are the teeth that people tend to notice most in social situations. Incognito Lite Hidden Braces are a good option for people wanting a straighter, more pleasing smile to show to the world. Whether you are interested in receiving Incognito braces or Incognito Lite Hidden Braces, our expert in Incognito braces in Los Angeles will be happy to answer your questions or schedule a consultation.




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