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Damon Braces

Damon BracesTraditional wire braces are a thing of the past, and with the onset of Damon braces, so are invisible aligners. Damon Clear is one of the latest frontiers in the world of nearly invisible braces.  If asked, any expert in Damon braces in Los Angeles could describe the technologically advanced Damon System, one involving archwires designed to straighten teeth quickly, without sacrificing a patient’s comfort. Our Los Angeles Damon braces expert uses no exterior metal or rubber bands to apply Damon braces to a patient’s teeth.

Damon Braces Los Angeles

Damon braces are tieless, allowing you to get in and out of follow-ups with our orthodontist in Los Angeles even quicker than you would with regular braces. Because Damon braces use no elastic rings, they are easier to keep clean and remain relatively free from bacteria when worn. These braces are resistant to food and drinks stains and discoloration, so you can continue to drink coffee and tea while straightening your teeth. Invisible aligners often cause speech impediments in patients, but with Damon braces, you should be able to speak and eat just fine when wearing them.

Damon braces promise fast results, and new patients soon notice a positive change in not only their teeth but also their smile and face. Recent studies have found that patients wearing Damon braces notice straighter teeth up to six months sooner than those wearing regular braces. As they require no tightening, Damon Clear’s braces are a convenient option even for the busiest child or adult, requiring fewer trips taken to the orthodontist. An individualized dental experience is what further sets Damon braces apart. When setting your braces, our Los Angeles Damon braces expert takes your face shape into account to provide you with the best look possible for you. Consult our expert in Damon braces in Los Angeles to find out if Damon braces are a good option for you and your teeth.




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