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Cost of Clear Braces Los Angeles

Cost of Clear Braces Los AngelesMetal braces are the most popular dental straightening treatment, perhaps because they are also the least expensive type available. You may have heard rumors regarding clear braces and how costly they can be. Although it is common knowledge that clear braces cost more than metal ones, our Los Angeles cost of clear braces can be well worth the investment when you consider all he plusses that factor into their price.

Clear braces are smooth plastic inserts fitted to your specific mouth, using orthodontic impressions and the latest CAD technology and 3D printing. This technology factors into our cost of clear braces in Los Angeles. This customization ensures each pair of plastic inserts feels comfortable and provides optimal straightening, so that you can see real results from your treatment. Clear braces require little to no lifestyle adjustments on your part. Simply remove your inserts while eating or brushing your teeth, and make sure you wear them for roughly 20 hours a day.

Los Angeles Cost of Clear Braces

Positive long-term effects factor into our cost of clear braces in Los Angeles. Many patients feel the straightening results clear braces produce are worth the price they pay for treatment. Not only do clear braces ensure long lasting teeth alignment, but this treatment includes protection against later issues developing in the mouth, like tooth decay and gingivitis. By straightening your teeth with clear braces, you are making a healthy choice for your overall teeth and gums.

Because plastic inserts are the only materials required for tooth straightening treatment with clear braces, there is no need to hassle with buying or replacing costly equipment like headgear, retainers and elastic bands, as with metal braces. Each insert is meant to be durable and withstand extended daily wear. Because there are no metal brackets affixed to the teeth, clear braces are often cleaner to wear and lead to fewer health issues during treatment, ultimately requiring fewer visits to our Los Angeles orthodontist.

Before deciding on a teeth straightening treatment plan, consider the advantages of clear braces and our Los Angeles cost of clear braces to come to a decision that works for both your teeth and your budget. Consult our orthodontist for payment plans or more information on clear braces.

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