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Cost of Braces Los Angeles

Cost of Braces Los AngelesAccording to the American Association of Orthodontics, the amount of braces-wearing adults rose nearly 60% during the years 1994-2010. Whether adults choose braces for health or cosmetic reasons, it is clear that braces are gaining in popularity. With the recent advancement of new technologies like clear braces, teeth straightening treatments will most likely keep trending. For those considering braces, knowing all about the types of braces available is nearly as important as understanding our cost of braces in Los Angeles.

Metal braces are the most popular type of braces and the most visually noticeable. They involve metal brackets bonded to the front of your teeth. A thin cross wire and tiny elastics hold the brackets in place. Although this is the least expensive type of braces as far as our Los Angeles cost of braces goes, metal braces require frequent orthodontic visits during treatment and often additional painful adjustments. Depending on the severity of your teeth, you may need to wear headgear or a retainer following braces removal.

Los Angeles Cost of Braces

Almost identical to metal braces, ceramic braces involve brackets made of ceramic or composite materials, providing a more natural look. Ceramic brackets can closely match the color of your teeth and greatly minimize the strong, often harsh appearance of traditional braces. When it comes to ceramic braces, our cost of braces in Los Angeles is slightly higher than that of metal braces, mainly because they are less visible. Ceramic braces tend to chip and require more at home and in office care, which can also result in further expenses.

If you like the look and stability of metal braces but want something more concealed, you may want to consider lingual braces. These involve metal brackets and wires but are placed on the back sides of teeth. Lingual braces require specialized orthodontic installation, so our Los Angeles cost of braces takes this into account.

The most expensive form of braces is clear braces. They are the most discreet form of braces, often unrecognizable on the teeth. Clear braces involve plastic inserts fitted to your mouth for maximum comfort and wearability. Their durability, look, and long-term results make clear braces worth the investment.

Consult our orthodontist in Los Angeles with any further questions regarding braces and which type is right for you and your teeth.

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