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Clear Dental Braces Los Angeles

Clear Dental Braces Los AngelesBeing the most popular and affordable dental straightening treatment, metal braces are also the most recognizable. Metal braces are bonded to the front of the teeth, while wire and elastic bands hold them in place. It is hard to visually miss metal braces. It is easy to fail to notice clear dental braces, as they are nearly invisible when worn. Perhaps you have a friend who wears clear dental braces, and you do not even know it! After reading on, you will be a little closer to the knowledge level of our expert in clear dental braces in Los Angeles.

Clear dental braces are recommended for patients whose teeth require only minor adjustments. If your teeth are slightly slanted or crooked with no major gaps between them, you might be a good candidate for clear dental braces. If you have more complex teeth alignment issues, but remain dead-set on using clear dental braces, our Los Angeles clear dental braces expert may recommend further supplemental orthodontic treatments.

Los Angeles Clear Dental Braces

The most obvious plus to wearing clear dental braces is their invisibility. These braces straighten your teeth without significantly altering your outward appearance. Most people you meet will probably never even suspect you are wearing braces. Because the plastic inserts are removable, clear dental braces allow you to eat, drink, brush, and floss without worry. Our expert in clear dental braces in Los Angeles will furnish you with enough inserts so you can switch your pair every couple weeks, or as often as recommended.

Although perhaps not entirely a disadvantage, the success of clear dental braces treatment depends on the diligence of a patient. These braces are recommended solely for adults and those with mature, fully developed teeth. In order to maximize your straightening results, our Los Angeles clear dental braces expert suggests wearing your clear inserts roughly 20-22 hours a day. If you fail to wear a set for the suggested length of time, your straightening process can get off track, and your teeth may not fit your next intended insert. If this should happen, the cost for clear dental braces can become even greater.

Clear dental braces are a great option if you have minor straightening issues and seek a cosmetic solution. Contact our orthodontist in Los Angeles if you are ready to schedule a consultation.

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