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Clear Bracket Braces

Clear Bracket BracesWhether you are considering braces for medical or cosmetic reasons, it is a good idea to know what your options are as far as types of braces from which to choose. Being informed on what is available can help you better decide on the right kind of braces for you. Our orthodontist in Los Angeles is a great person to ask about options for braces. For those curious about clear bracket braces, consulting our Los Angeles clear bracket braces expert is a useful thing to do. Reading up here on clear bracket braces is also a good place to start.


Clear bracket braces differ from traditional braces, in that the brackets are clear or tooth-colored, rather than metal. Most types of clear brackets are made of composite materials or ceramic, so as to appear more natural and blend in with your teeth. There is still a metal wire running through the brackets and across the teeth, which is held in place by elastics. Over time, clear bracket braces have proven to be cleaner than traditional braces, as there is no metal brace to which the bacteria can cling. Our expert in clear bracket braces in Los Angeles will be able to describe the physical makeup of these braces in further detail to interested patients.

Clear Bracket Braces Los Angeles

Most clear bracket braces are made of alumina, chosen for its pleasing aesthetic appearance, as well as its durability and strength. Brackets are held in position by elastic bands that are usually white or clear-colored. In recent years, clear bracket and ceramic braces have become increasingly more popular, replacing traditional wire braces in popularity. Our expert in clear bracket braces in Los Angeles can provide you with more information.


If you have very white teeth, clear bracket braces are a good choice, as they should almost blend into your teeth. This type of braces also works well for older adults who do not want everyone who sees them to know they are wearing braces. If you are curious, ask our Los Angeles clear bracket braces expert if he or she uses this type of braces.




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