Ceramic Braces

Ceramic BracesChoosing the type of braces for your teeth is an important decision, as you will most likely eat, drink, and live with your braces for several months. The most popular types of braces include regular wire braces, invisible aligners, and ceramic braces. Researching braces before meeting with our Los Angeles orthodontist can prepare you for the consultation. Ceramic braces are one of the lesser known types of braces available for straightening teeth, but they are still well worth considering.

Many patients, especially adults, choose ceramic braces because they tend to be less visually noticeable than traditional braces. Ceramic braces, made of composite materials, are durable and tend not to stain very much during wear. The tiny elastics holding the wires to the ceramic brackets are usually white or clear, making ceramic braces a discreet choice for braces. Keep in mind these elastics or ligatures can show stains from food or drink, though they are changed out with each monthly adjustment. Consult our expert in ceramic braces in Los Angeles to see if these braces suit your dental needs and lifestyle.

Ceramic Braces Los Angeles

Many patients prefer ceramic braces over metal ones, believing them to be more comfortable for daily wear. These patients also often report their gums feeling less irritated while wearing ceramic braces. Though to look at them, ceramic braces seem less sturdy than metal brackets, they are just as strong and remain fixed to the teeth, as our Los Angeles ceramic braces expert would attest.

Braces are a commitment of substantial amounts of both time and money, so patients should make sure they choose the correct type for them. It is usually best to listen to the suggestions of specialists. This person might be able to better assist you. Our Los Angeles ceramic braces expert can answer any lingering questions you might have regarding the process of getting ceramic braces set. Consult with our expert in ceramic braces in Los Angeles for more information.




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