Braces Behind Teeth

Braces Behind TeethMost people you meet wearing braces wear them on the front of their teeth, where you can easily see them. Have you ever wondered how many people are wearing braces without your knowing it? It is very possible nowadays, as one of the latest advancements in dental technology is braces placed behind the teeth. If you cannot conveniently consult our expert in braces behind teeth in Los Angeles at this very moment, this article should answer most of your questions.

Our Los Angeles braces behind teeth expert will probably mention lingual braces. The word “lingual” specifically refers to the surface area of the mouth, including the hard and soft palate and the tongue. Lingual braces are affixed to the back of the teeth, thus surrounding these areas.

Braces Behind Teeth Los Angeles

As they are placed on the insides of the teeth, lingual braces strike most people as nearly invisible. They are a great choice for people who want straighter teeth without the attention often elicited by traditional metal braces placed on the front of teeth. Following a consultation, our expert in braces behind teeth in Los Angeles can decide if lingual braces are a good choice for your teeth and your lifestyle.

Lingual braces often cause speech problems upon initial wear. These should disappear with time, as patients grow accustomed to wearing their braces. Braces behind teeth can irritate the tongue, a problem which should also diminish with wear, as you get used to eating, drinking, and brushing with braces behind your teeth. Also, treatment time tends to be longer with braces behind teeth, as compared to traditional braces placed on the front of teeth. Before you choose lingual braces, be sure to voice any concerns regarding comfort or wear to our Los Angeles braces behind teeth expert.

If you believe lingual braces are the right treatment plan for you, first consult our Los Angeles orthodontist. Administering these braces requires prior training and special qualifications. If your teeth require specific or intensive treatment to straighten them, braces behind teeth might not fit your needs. Regardless, with the help of our specialist, you are sure to find braces that are a perfect fit for you and your teeth.




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